Brian Shepherd

Half-orc mage with a calm demeanor that belies his brutish heritage


Mage 2
Half-orc (Urban/Brevic culture, Bastard campaign trait)
St +8, Co +10, Ag +1, Qu +1, SD +6, Re +12, In +12, Pr +6
Endurance: 61, Power: 88

Abilities/Talents: Night Vision, Orc Blood, Sense Magic, Speak with Normal Animals (Canines)

Offense: Quarterstaff 39, Sling 19, Tusks (bite) 39
Defense: Soft leather armor 26 DB
Resistances: Stamina 35, Will 27, Magic 54

Notable skills: Brawling (5) 39, Craft: Scribe (6) 43, Lore: Brevoy (4) 44, Lore: Weather (3) 39, Public Speaking (4) 38, Arcane Lore (7) 59, Arcane Lore: Faeries (3) 39, Attunement (4) 44, Runes (3) 39, Animal Handling: Sheep (4) 48, Foraging/Survival (3) 39, Navigation (1) 29, Tracking (3) 33, Jumping (1) 14

Cantrips: Compass, Count, Create Water, Ignite, Repel Tiny Insects
Spells: Air Wall (5) 48, Breezes (6) 53, Detect Magic (6) 53, Long Door (6) 53, Stun Cloud (7) 58

Special items: Magic Staff (Focus Item, +10 OB, +10 Animal Handling skill)


He is the son of noble woman and a half-orc warrior whose tryst caused quite a stir in gentle circles. Though his mother is of noble birth, his arrival was not welcomed so he remains an unacknowledged bastard of House Medvyed. Ostracized by his noble family, he enjoyed a solitary childhood provided by his mother in a remote clan holding where political machinations were less prevalent.

When puberty arrived, he took on traits of his orcish heritage, growing tusks. He used his fearsome appearance to keep people away when he wanted to be alone. Despite barbaric features, he is quite intelligent and introspective. This was recognized by the Chamberlain’s magister who took the young half-orc into his tutelage as a mage. During his apprenticeship he learned of his unique ability to speak with canines. Though approachable he had few friends, instead building a network of informants among the dogs of the village. This saved his life and his mother when the mistreated wolfhound of the Chamberlain revealed a plot to kill you and your mother then wed your younger (human) sister to secure the holding as a Medvyed through marriage.

As part of the plot he was to be lured to the highest tower on a clear night to stargaze. There he would be thrown from the tower by the bailiff in an apparent accident. He was ready and using magic teleported away at the last moment as the Bailiff charged toward him, momentum sending the would-be killer to the hard stones below. Piecing together evidence revealed by the wolfhound, the plot was uncovered and the Chamberlain hanged.

In time his training was complete and his sister wed a handsome knight. Feeling content that his family was in safe hands (after consulting with the knight’s hunting dogs) he left to find his own place in the world. This brought him to Ingervale, a unique community settled generations ago by a mercenary with a checkered past who was granted the land for his loyal service to the ruling Rhogarvia Lords during the kingdom’s civil war. It is governed by the principle that a person’s worth was measured by his hard work and contributions, not birthright and regardless of past transgressions.

There he enjoyed the solitude of tending sheep and without mention of his half-breed appearance. No flock is safer between his sheep dogs and his magic.

As one of the few magicians in the community, he volunteered for the expedition into the wilderness to lend his unique skills to the effort.

Brian Shepherd

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