Dave Forester

Ulfin hunter and trophy collector


Rogue Level 3
Human (Rural/Ulfin culture, Issian campaign trait)
Ingerland Warden

Special items:
Seeker’s Spear
Stag’s Helm
Sustaining Ring


Your father emigrated inland from the coast (many miles to the west) originally as a mercenary. He married and quit mercenary life – you grew up on the coast of the vast Lake of Mists fishing with your father. Maintaining the Ulfen ways he showed you how to wield an axe & spear and taught you about their elder deity Erastil, Old Deadeye the Hunter, who espouses a simple way of life, harnessing the wilderness & mastering nature.

A powerful storm destroyed most of the fishing boats in your village during a harsh spring. As the settlement cut trees to rebuild the boats you formed a primal bond with the forests – you never returned to fishing. As a young boy you became lost in the forest while hunting small prey alone – a white stag appeared, unwittingly leading you back to village as you tracked it. Perhaps a sign from the Ulfen god or just good fortune (you decide).

Upon reaching age of maturity your father gave you his armor and weapons before you headed south into the heart of the kingdom where you found work as a forester for a nobleman
As a youth you learned the forest from old-timer woodsman. He taught you how to track a crow on a moonless night and look into a boar’s eyes to draw him into your spear. Nothing went to waste; you wear the furs of your kills. As an apprentice woodward for a small hamlet you were charged to track a poacher in the lord’s forest. You succeeded in finding the culprit… a young boy, the son of a poor farmer looking to feed his family. You understand his plight and respected his skill. The sheriff was less pleased when he arrived in the forest glade, he rode in with the arrogance of a Taldan conqueror (think Romans in medieval Britain). When the boy attempted to run, the sheriff stabbed him and as he drew back for a second strike your instincts took over in defense of the boy. The lord’s hand would never hold a spear again, or anything else for that matter. Understanding the repercussions of your actions you took the boy and fled; fate acts quickly sometimes. Your knowledge of the forest was your only means of survival as the sheriff and his men hunted for you.

You heard of a place called Ingervale where they don’t ask about your past and value hard work. You took the boy as your younger brother and went to live among the Ingers. A place filled with hard working folk from all walks of life, you fit right in and no one asked questions. A couple years have passed; you and the boy are hunters for the community and guide lumberjacks into the mountain forests to find prime lumber. You’ve led hunting parties of visiting noblemen that have surveyed Ingervale province of late. To a man they do not impress you. The Inger council is much more capable than a bunch of spoiled, squabbling nobles.

You were asked to help explore the wilderness far to the south just below the kingdom’s border and find a suitable location to resettle the community. The boy is capable enough to handle duties.

Dave Forester

Ingerland Andaeson