Douglas Smith

Human smith with the uncanny ability to read people's emotions


Fighter Level 3
Human (Rural/Brevic culture, Pioneer campaign trait)
Ingerland Steward

Special items:
Anvil Hammer
Blue Dragonscale Shield


Douglas has lived in Ingervale his entire life, and his family goes back to the original Inger settlement. His family’s smithy is the largest and busiest in Ingervale, with three full working yards, and still run by his father.

His father and uncles have each sat on the Inger council from time to time, though none currently. Douglas has two sisters and a brother, all living in Ingervale. His brother and younger sister work at the family smithy. His oldest sister is a weaver and pregnant with her second child.

Douglas likes to think he embodies the Inger spirit, and works hard to try and prove it. He inherited his father’s gift for getting along well with strangers, and even as a boy he was always eager to deal with customers from outside Ingervale. No boy any longer, he’s shown an interest in getting out from under his father’s shadow. Though he holds the man no ill will, he tires of town-folk seeing him as nothing more than the heir apparent to running the smithy one day years away. He has an eye for a number of maidens, but is not yet ready to settle down.

The years of smithing have made him physically fit, and true with the swing of a hammer. For a life long Inger, he’s learned quite a bit about the goings on outside Ingervale, having always been keen to strike up a conversation with visiting strangers. In years past, an oft visiting Swordlord gave him semi-regular lessons in trade for routine repair work of equipment. Douglas has kept up practicing his swordplay, and has even had cause to use it on one or two occasions. His equipment is made by his own hand, except for his hammer, a gift from his father for the journey.

When Douglas heard of the expedition, he volunteered immediately. He’s looking for an opportunity to make his own name in true Inger fashion, through hard work, even considering the start of a new profession once the new land for the Ingers is settled.

Douglas Smith

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