Eric Bowman

Mystic warrior from Qadira that is equally proficient with sword and bow


Warrior Mage 1
Human (Urban/Nomad culture, Rostlander campaign trait)
St +9, Co +4, Ag +10, Qu +4, SD +10, Re +10, In +6, Pr +1
Endurance: 69, Power: 66

Abilities/Talents: +10 Weapon: Bows, Professional Adaptability, Speed Loader (reload & fire every other round)

Offense: Scimitar 44, Composite Bow 64
Defense: Soft leather armor 28 DB
Resistances: Stamina 33, Will 40, Magic 32

Notable skills: Climbing (1) 24, Weapon: Bows (5) 64, Weapon: Long Blades (5) 44, Craft: Bowyer (6) 50, Craft: Fletching (4) 40, Lore: Qadira (3) 35, Lore: Wood (4) 40, Perception (4) 36, Arcane Lore: Spellcraft (2) 30, Arcane Lore: Planes (2) 30, Attunement (3) 27, Runes (2) 26, Animal Handling: Horses (5) 32, Navigation (6) 60, Tracking (2) 26, Jumping (2) 29, Stalking & Hiding (1) 25

Spells: Detect Magic (4) 40, Minor Healing (3) 35, Unlocking Ways (2) 30, Magic Shield (5) 45, Elemental Weapon: Fire (3) 35, Steel Skin (4) 40

Special items: Blanket of Warmth


He’s from the southern deserts and his people are desert nomads, but some of the largest trading settlements in world are in your homeland. They value horse riding and skill at arms. You are from a elite fighting order (Wa’ed-ihmi, “Promise to Protect”) that combines magic and arms. You once we part of a group that was established as the guards for the rulers of your home province – the Emperor assigned a vizier to your province who disbanded your group in the name of the Emperor (you suspect for ill intent). Your group had served the local governors for generations and sought to maintain influence in the area. Eventually your group was labeled as outlaws (think Robin Hood with an Arabian flair). You migrated north as a caravan guard and came to the kingdom of Brevoy (think France/German) where you are an outsider.

In Brevoy you learned of a community called Ingervale where people are measured by their hard work, not ethnicity or bloodline, etc. Rather than return home you went to Ingervale. You established yourself as a fletcher and archer in that community. You volunteered for the expedition into the wilderness – it is sure to be dangerous and will need skilled warriors such as yourself, perhaps you will find fulfillment again as a protector of a realm.This brought him to Ingervale, a unique community settled generations ago by a mercenary with a checkered past who was granted the land for his loyal service to the ruling Rhogarvia Lords during the kingdom’s civil war. It is governed by the principle that a person’s worth was measured by his hard work and contributions, not birthright and regardless of past transgressions.

Eric Bowman

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