Jason Brewer

Jolly cleric of Cayden Cailean with a penchant for drink


Cleric 1
Human (Urban/Brevic culture, Noble Born campaign trait)
St +7, Co +7, Ag +3, Qu +3, SD +4, Re +8, In +11, Pr +10
Endurance: ##, Power: ##

Abilities/Talents: Professional Adaptability, Bonus 10 Armor skill, Golden Throat (bonus 15 to Influence skills)

Offense: Club ##, Sling ##
Defense: TBD armor ## DB
Resistances: Stamina ##, Will ##, Magic ##

Notable skills: TBD

Cantrips: Count, Cure Hangover, Measure, Weigh
Spells: Boost Presence (3) ##, Calm (6) ##, Divine Hammer (5) ##, Guidance (3) ##, Major Healing (6) ##, Neutralize Poison (3) ##

Special items: Drunkards Gavel


Jason did not subscribe to the airs of nobility espoused by his family (Noble Clan Surtova). Instead he started and quit many ventures – all of them failed due to short attention. His clan treated him as a black sheep; in response he sought alcohol and debauchery to drown his sorrows. Much of his time was spent at taverns and inns as a friend of the common man, only tolerated by other nobles.

Not especially spiritual, he met a cleric dedicated the demigod Cayden Cailean that changed his mind about religion. His value for personal freedom and disregard for noble birthright match perfectly with Cayden Cailean’s ideology. As an acolyte of the cleric he traveled the breadth of the kingdom (Brevoy) spreading the word in the numerous Cayden churches (i.e. any convenient tavern or inn) – he had finally found a purpose.

The cleric taught him the arts of brewing and magic before taking his leave his leave. Jason struck out to find a flock of his own, eventually arriving at the town of Ingervale. The locals cared only for his contribution to the community. In need of a brewer, he took residence in the valley and preached to the hard-working townsfolk through his ale. His sermons are delivered as stories (usually humorous, sometimes bawdy) – some unbelievers require a ceremonial bonk on the head when they get out of hand.

Jason Brewer

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