Jesse Cook

Half-elf burglar fled city-life to take up the quiet art of cooking


Thief Level 3
Half-elf (Urban culture, Brigand campaign trait)

Special items:
Soup Stone
Ever-boiling Pot


Son of a prostitute (didn’t know his father), he lived on the hard city streets and is comfortable lurking in alleyways. He has stronger human appearance than elvish, so no one thinks of him as a anything but human (didn’t realize he was a halfbreed until puberty hit). He’s rugged and skilled. The one ability he received from his father is night vision – this gave him an edge in thieving, making him an excellent lookout for night time jobs. He’s not a cut throat, but he has enough skill to defend himself. He’s not evil, but he does what needs to in order to survive (it’s not his fault he was dealt a raw life, he’s making the best of it). He has principles and a code of ethics that he follows that don’t always match the letter of the law.

He fell in with a crowd of small-time thieves that were reasonably successful, but one of them, Dovan, turned a little too violent and murderous in his heists that brought the eye of the law upon the gang. Dovan set Jesse up to take the fall for the crimes so he had to leave town or face the gallows. Jesse fled to Ingervale, a place for outcasts and people looking for a fresh start. There are no predispositions, everyone one is measured on their hard work and contribution to the community. His mother taught him how to cook and get the flavor from very little spice. He found a job as a cook at Ingervale’s inn, The Ox and Plowshare – it offered the most ‘action’ in this workmanlike community.

He uses two weapons and is quite nimble. As a former burglar he can climb and pick locks. Has not had much opportunity to use his thieving skills in Ingervale, so volunteered for an expedition in the wilderness to get some excitement, plus he’d charmed most of the female population in Ingervale and needs fresh maidens to chase.
The Ingervale Council presented the expedition party with gifts to aid them in their endeavors. You received two items: a magical cooking pot & stone.

5’6", 146lb, Green eyes, Blond hair

Jesse Cook

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