Serina Oakmoor

Courtesan and the Spymaster's top agent


Serina is Jesse’s most experienced spy that coordinates the movements of other informants and agents. On the surface their relationship is stormy and rooted in her cover occupation, but behind closed doors there is a professional trust that stays strictly business – by her demand.

She is a tough woman with dark hair and fair skin. Though she has a soft sensual beauty, everyone knows better than to rile her temper. Many have found how swift and deadly she can be.


Like many others, she came to Ingerton to rewrite her biography and forget her past. All she will tell Jesse is that she fled Bardston to avoid being killed for not revealing her employer when captured by a rival gang of thieves. Her wiles bought her enough time to escape, but she was no match for the ferocity of her captors.

Serina took up employment at the Oakmoor Tavern and took its moniker as her surname. There she draws money and information from those that share her company.

Serina Oakmoor

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