Blue Dragonskin Armor

Bluish armor made from the skin of a dragon


Full suit of dragonhide armor (chain equivalent)
60 DB (40 base + 10 mwk + 10 material)

+10 RR vs magic

+15 RR vs electrical attacks

No maneuver penalty

+2PP casting penalty (increase to 6PP when casting electrical-based spells)

Owner beware: Dragons and Drakes become enraged when seeing this armor and will attempt to slay the wearer.


Dragon carcases are very valuable for its organs, bones and hide can be sold for a king’s ransom. Armor made from these skins are highly prized for their strength, resistance and non-encumbering qualities. Wealthy champions and Lord’s commission these suits from slain dragons, paying exorbitant prices. A warrior wearing a suit of dragonskin armor often draw a crowd gawking in wonder and demanding tales of heroism.

Blue Dragonskin Armor

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