Hellhound Pelt

Sentient, pyro-maniacal hellhound pelt


It is a battered and singed black hellhound pelt that smells of smoke. Its eyes gleam with an inner fire. Its mouth is open in a sort of evil grin flashing wicked fangs.

Wielder requirements: None.

Base properties: It reduces heat criticals against the wearer by 10 points (ignoring Tiny Heat crits). It has three charges per week for it’s Fire Breath; the wearer can cast a fire breath from the mouth of the pelt.

Bonus properties increase in relation to the wielder’s Affinity with the pelt’s spirit. All spell-like abilities use the sword skill ranks to determine duration instead of spell casting ranks.

Affinity: This represents the affinity with the pelt’s spirit and his desire to burn things, particularly living creatures. Starting score: 1, or if owner knows a fire spell it starts at 5.

Affinity modifiers:

Owner gains a level: +1d5

Owner damages a creature using fire: +1 (max 1/day)

Owner destroys a creature using fire: +1

Owner does not use the fire breath ability in a meaningful way for one week: -2

Owner flees a fight with a cold-base creature: -5

Affinity score 0 or lower, Angered: Loses all base properties. There is a cumulative 5% chance per day that the wearer does not damage someone with fire that the pelt will turn on its wearer at an inopportune time delivering a +50 Medium Heat critical.

Affinity score 1-4, Unsatisfied: Loses all base properties and functions simply as a warm cloak.

Affinity score 5-11, Normal: Wearer can use all base properties normally.

Affinity score 12-24, Satisfied: The RR bonus increases to 20 and also ignores Small Heat crits. The pool of charges increases from 3 to 5 and the wearer can opt to spend 2 charges when invoking the fire cone increasing it to Large criticals.

Affinity score 25+, Pleased: The RR bonus remains 20, plus the wearer now ignores Medium heat crits.


The pelt still holds the sentient spirit of the hellhound. It’s not evil, but has penchant for fire. A wearer that quenches it desire to burn things will find it a loyal companion, much like a well fed dog. It does have a mind of it’s own and exerts enough freewill to fuel it’s fiery disposition should the wearer deny it.

Hellhound Pelt

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