Stag's Helm

Bone helmet that enhances wearer's senses


Aura: faint Natural Magic

This striking helmet is crafted to resemble the skull of a mighty stag. Although made from bone, the antlers and helm are as strong as metal.

When worn, the helm greatly enhances eyesight and hearing, granting a bonus +10 Perception checks.

Insightful Shot: In addition, once per day the helm may be called upon to enhance any ranged attack made by the wearer. Activating this ability is a free action and may be activated on the same round a shot is taken. Once activated, your next ranged attack against a target within 30 feet is made as if they are automatically surprised – it effectively grants a one time bonus of 5 ranks in Ambush (i.e. increases damage result by 5 & removes damage cap).

The daily uses of Insightful Shot ‘recharges’ when the helm is exposed to the sunrise each day.

A worshiper of Erastil who wears this helm may utilize the Insightful Shot ability up to 3 times per day.

Value: 3,500 sp


Stag's Helm

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