Seeker's Spear

Magical spear that enhances the hunter's ability to kill at tracked target

weapon (melee)

It is a magical +10 spear with a smooth wooden shaft and rough steel head reminiscent of a broad leaf. Range penalties are halved when used as a missile weapon.

Three times per day the user can invoke its Hunter’s Quarry ability:
When used against one creature that the user has successfully tracked within the last 24 hours, the OB bonus increases to +20 and raises the crit severity to Huge (Requires a successful Tracking skill check). This bonus remains in effect until the quarry is killed, at which point it expires.

Once per day the user can use its Residual Image ability:
By touching a footprint, you receive a clear mental image of the person or creature that made it. The image has the exact same appearance as the creature that made the footprint at the moment it made the imprint, including any telling features or expressions, any gear or equipment, or anything else the creature was carrying at the time. For example, the footprint of a horse would reveal both the horse and any creature riding it when it made the footprint.


Seeker's Spear

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