Wand of Arcane Bolts

A magical wand that shoots bolts of magical energy


Identification: Light – Attunement; +20 if user knows the Arcane Bolt spell
Attunement: Light

Remaining Charges: 28 1

Charge Cost: 1
Range: 50’
Duration: —
Spell Type: Attack
RR: Magic
Sphere: Universal

The user simply points the wand and speaks command word, sending a bolt of blazing magical energy that strikes the target. Up to three charges can be used at once. The bolts of energy deliver 1d10 points of damage each to the foe if he fails his Resistance Roll.

Scaling Options:
Stunning Force (per round of Stun) +2 charges


Wand of Arcane Bolts

Ingerland Andaeson