4710 AR

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Kuthona (December)

1st-31st Claim hex, add farms & road Good weather

Neth (November)

1st-30th Claim hex, add farms & road

Lamashan (October)

1st-31st Claim hex, add road; Build: Stable Plague averted Stag Lord’s Revenge

Rova (September)

1st-30th add farm & road; Build: Brothel & Smith

Arodus (August)

1st-31st Claim hex, add farm; Build: House & Gold Mine Destroy zombies at Stag Fort

Erastus (July)

1st-30th Claim hex, add farmlands; Build: House & Smith Scandal averted: Jesse & Svetlana affair

Sarenith (June)

8th-30th Build: Shop, House & Inn Stag’s Inn
7th Claim hex B6 in name of Inger Capital of Ingerton founded at Oleg’s
6th Establish council for Ingerland Oleg joins Ingers
5th Agent of Sword Lords arrive at Oleg’s Confirms defeat of Stag Lord, gives reward
4th Doug & Dave arrive at Oleg’s
3rd Doug & Dave travel north; Jesse & Eric wait No sign of Dovan
2nd Jesse & Eric wait at Stag Fort Doug & Dave head to Oleg’s
1st Waiting at Stag Fort Doug & Eric arrive at fort

Desnus (May)

Day Event Note
31st Waiting at Stag Fort Doug & Eric camp at River Crossing
30th Jesse & Dave arrive at Stag Fort Doug & Eric search for Dave & Jesse
29th Send prisoners & letter to Restov Dave & Jesse continue hunt for Dovan
28th Split party again; arrive at Oleg’s with prisoners Dave & Jesse hunt for Dovan
27th Travel North; Dovan escapes Brian & Doug deliver Stag Lord to Davik Nettles
26th Travel North Party splits; Brian & Doug head to Nettles Crossing
25th Loot Stag Lord’s Fort Defeat Nugrah in basement
24th Explore SW half G5 Defeat Stag Lord in daring night raid
23rd Explore NE half G5
22nd Travel South, camp at River Crossing
21st Travel South, camp at Thorn River
20th Downtime at Oleg’s Brian & Doug arrive at Oleg’s
19th Downtime at Oleg’s Brian & Doug travel back to Oleg’s
18th Downtime at Oleg’s Brian & Doug consult Davik Nettles
17th Downtime at Oleg’s Brian & Doug travel to Nettles Crossing
16th Downtime at Oleg’s Brian & Doug consult Jhod
15th Downtime at Oleg’s Brian & Doug travel to Temple of the Elk
14th Return to Oleg’s Send completed map to Restov
13th Explore B8 Kill Worg
12th Explore A7
11th Explore A6
10th Explore remainder of A3 & travel A4-A5
9th Explore half of A2 & A3
8th Explore half of A1 & A2
7th Explore B1 & half of A1
6th Explore C1
5th Explore half of D2 & D1
4th Explore half of E1 & D2
3rd Explore remainder of F1 & half of E1
2nd Explore F2 Find dead unicorn
1st Explore F4 & F3

Gozran (April)

Day Event Note
30th Travel F5-F6
29th Explore G6
28th Explore G7
27th Explore E7
26th Explore half of F7 & F8
25th Explore half of E5 & F6
24th Travel D5 & explore half E5
23rd Travel B5-D4 Escort Jhod to Temple of the Elk
22nd Return to Oleg’s Inform Jhod of temple discovery
21st Finish exploring A4 & A5
20th Scout B4 & explore half of A4 Disable two more bear traps
19th Finish exploring B4 Disable six more bear traps
18th Explore half of B3 & B4 Disable four bear traps
17th Explore half of B2 & B3
16th Explore half of C2 & B2 Discover Tiger Lord cairn – undisturbed
15th Explore C3 & half of C2
14th Explore E2 & D3 Find Erastil statue & mineral pool
13th Explore F3 Kill Tatzlwyrms
12th Explore E3 Meet Boggard
11th Explore D4 Find Temple of Elk & kill bear
10th Scout C4 to find horses
9th Explore C4 Fairie pranks, party name “Biggumses”
8th Explore B5 Brian spots trolls hunting a boar
7th Resupplying at Oleg’s Given Moon Radish soup recipe
6th Travel D6-C6-B6 Deliver Tuskgutter’s head to Oleg’s
5th Travel E4-E5
4th Explore E4 Kill Tuskgutter
3rd Explore D5
2nd Explore C5 Get lost – lose time
1st Travel B6-B7-B6 Retrieve potion from Bokken

Pharast (March)

Day Event Note
31st Resupply at Oleg’s
30th Travel C6-B6 – arrive at Oleg’s
29th Travel E6-D6
28th Travel F5-F6
27th Waiting in bandit camp in F4 Ambush bandits & interrogate, Jesse’s birthday
26th Waiting in bandit camp in F4 Meet Onyo the hunter
25th Waiting in bandit camp in F4
24th Waiting in bandit camp in F4
23rd Waiting in bandit camp in F4 Reunited with Eric
22nd Find bandit camp in F4 Eric lost overnight & Meet Pern the trapper
21st Explore F5 Harvest Fangberries & Ambushed by bandits
20th Explore F6 Find River Crossing
19th Explore western halves E8, F7 & F6
18th Explore western half E7 Jesse dances a jig (fairy pranks)
17th Explore D8 Find bandit tracks
16th Explore D7 Meet Darel the hunter
15th Explore C7 Find tracks of large humanoid monster
14th Explore B7 Find Bokken’s Hut
13th Resupplying at Oleg’s Outpost
12th Travel C6, B6 – Arrive at Oleg’s
11th Travel E6, D6
10th Explore F7
9th Forge alliance with Sootscale kobolds – Killed Tartuk
8th Explore E6 – Clear mite caves Meet Mikmek the kobold & Receive Sacred Statue quest
7th Explore D6 Discover gold vein
6th Explore C6 Find another stag skull amulet
5th Explore B6
4th Arrive at Oleg’s – Meet Kesten Garess & Jhod Kavken Receive Falgrim Sneeg & Lost Temple quests
3rd Camp in the hills
2nd Attack bandit camp – kill bandit lieutenant Kressel Take Kressel’s stag skull amulet
1st Defeat bandit lieutenant Happs – ride south to bandit camp Receive Svetlana’s Ring quest

Calistril (February)

Day Event Note
28th Arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post Receive Wanted: Bandits quest
27th Camp in the plains
26th Leave Fort Serenko – camp in the plains
25th Leave Nivakta’s Crossing – arrive Fort Serenko
24th Leave Restov – arrive Nivakta’s Crossing
16th – 23rd Arrive in Restov Waiting for audience with Lord Mayor

4710 AR

Ingerland Andaeson