Bokken's Hut

Below is a list of herbs available at Bokken’s hut.

Availability: Roll the appropriate difficulty against Bokken’s Herbcraft skill of +83

Doses: 1 + (3d10 – difficulty number)
Routine = 1, Easy = 2, Light = 3, Medium = 4, Hard = 5, Very Hard = 6, Ext Hard = 7, Sheer Folly = 8, Absurd = 9

Herbs (Local)

Herb Cost Form/Prep Time Effect Spring Summer Fall Winter
Frel 120 sp Stalk/Ingest 2 min Neutralizes any non-CRR posion Sheer Folly Ext Hard Sheer Folly
Amaled 60 sp Grass/Poultice 1 hr Mends Bone Ext Hard Sheer Folly
Rowna 140 sp Grass/Ingest instant Heals all hits, but stuns 1 rnd Sheer Folly Absurd Absurd
Seras 9 sp Flower/Brew 3 rnd Heals 2-20 hits Light Hard
Halin 2 sp Berry/Brew 20 min Doubles healing during sleep Easy Medium
Loneri 450 sp Nut/Ingest 3 hr Restore temp stat loss for one stat/dose (worst first) Absurd Absurd
Inuli 30 sp Nut/Brew 3 min Mends muscle damage Hard Hard
Erisa 2 sp Bark/Poultice instant Doubles healing rate for nerve damage Light Light Light Light
Airi 15 sp Seed/Brew 4 rnd Enhanced vision (x3 range) & lesser dark vision (50-ft) for 3 hrs Ext Hard Absurd
Uinear 15 sp Berry/Ingest 2 min Allows one to see enchantments. Eyes glow red. Last 1 hr Absurd Sheer Folly Absurd
Urfaran 9 sp Clove/Ingest 3 rnd Acute smell & hearing (3x range, +50 Perception) for 1 hr Easy Medium
Delvar 2 sp Leaf/Ingest instant Stun relief 1 rnd Light Light Medium Hard

Herbs (Outside Greenbelt)

Costs/availability adjusted for difficulty obtaining

Herb Cost Form/Prep Time Effect Spring Summer Fall Winter
Arlan 50 sp Stalk/Poultice 4 rnd Double healing rate of minor burns; heals 5 hits from burns Medium Medium Medium Medium
Berulf 10 sp Nut/Ingest instant Stun relief 1 rnd Hard Hard

Bokken's Hut

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