Completed Quests

Major Quests

Quest XP Reward
Found Ingerland 100 Select ruling Aldermen
Defeat the Stag Lord 100 Charter to settle the Greenbelt + 5,000 sp
Explore the Greenbelt 200 Reward offered for defeating Stag Lord

Minor Quests

Quest XP Reward
Destroy Cult of Gyronna 50 Kingdom goodwill
Kill a Hodag 30
Found Capital City 50 Ingerton established
Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg 20 Four masterwork weapons
Davik Nettles’ Revenge 0 Seeker’s Spear
Wanted: Tatzlwyrm Head 20 600 sp
Svetlana‚Äôs Ring 0 1,000 sp credit at Oleg’s
Kobolds in the Hills 20 800 sp
The Sacred Statue 50 Alliance with Sootscale kobolds
Wanted: Bandits 50 400 sp
Gathering Fangberries 0 25% discount on potions at Bokken’s Hut for a month
Gathering Moon Radishes 0 Moon Radish Soup
Wanted: Tuskgutter 30 Masterwork composite bow & six animal bane arrows
Lost Temple of Erastil 20 600 sp
Wanted: Tatzlwyrm Head 20 600 sp
Solve the Werewolf Murders 30 Restored stability to kingdom
Destroyed the Scythe Tree 20 +10 Stability
Restore Melianse’s Trees 20 +10 Stability
Slay Howl-of-the-North-Wind 30 Farmers return to work
Explore Lonely Barrow 50 Kingdom goodwill
Find Tig Tannerson 100 Kingdom goodwill

Total Party XP (each): 930

Personal Quests

PC Quest XP Award Status
Doug Establish a smithy 20 Complete
Dave Slay Crackjaw 10 Completed
Jesse Kill Dovan of Nishroch Not completed
Dave Slay a legendary creature (repeatable) Not completed

Player XP

Player XP Level Next Level
Brian 970 3rd 1200
Dave 960 3rd 1200
Doug 970 3rd 1200
Eric 950 3rd 1200
Jason 950 3rd 1200
Jesse 950 3rd 1200

Completed Quests

Ingerland Andaeson