Finding Herbs

Finding Herbs & Poisons in the Wild

Determine how many doses of an herb or poison that a character or group of characters is able to find after a 10-hour search of an area that has not been exploited in the last 6 months and which is suitable for the type of herbs/poisons being sought.

United Group Searches

If the group of characters performs a united search, then only a single roll is made for the entire group. The character with the highest Herbcraft skill makes the roll, and for each additional character with Herbcraft, a bonus of 5 or value equal to skill ranks (whichever is higher) is added to his roll. The GM then rolls to see how many doses each individual finds.

Individual Searches

Groups may also split up and search several different areas individually. In this situation, each character would make their own Herbcraft roll to see if they have found any herbs/poisons.

Determining Doses

To determine how many doses a searcher finds, use the following formula: 1 + (2d10 – difficulty number)
Routine = 1, Easy = 2, Light = 3, Medium = 4, Hard = 5, Very Hard = 6, Ext Hard = 7, Sheer Folly = 8, Absurd = 9

Search Modifiers

  • Searching an area searched in the last 6 months -50
  • Each Cleric devoted to a nature god in the group +30
  • Each Ranger in the group +20
  • Each additional searcher with the Herbcraft skill +5 (optional: or skill ranks if higher)
  • Each additional searcher without the proper skill +2
  • Each day spent unsuccessfully searching +5

Herbs (Greenbelt)

Time – How long until the herb takes effect.
Form/Prep – This is the raw form of the herb as well as the manner in which an herb is prepared. The raw form is self-explanatory, and the preparation methods are described below.
Brew – These herbs are made into non-magical potions by brewing them. A brewed herb will retain
its powers for up to one month after being prepared.
Drink – These herbs are made into non-magical potions by drying and powdering and then dissolving
them in a liquid (such as water) prior to use. Such herbs will last up to 2 months in their dried state.
Price – This is the fair market value of the prepared herb if sold by an herbalist at his shop. Typically they will fetch half the listed price unless the seller is established or guild approved.
Seasons – Spring (Mar, Apr, May), Summer (Jun, Jul, Aug), Fall (Sep, Oct, Nov), Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

Herb Price Form/Prep Time Effect Loc Spring Summer Fall Winter
Airi 15 sp Seed/Brew 4 rnd Enhanced vision (x3 range) & lesser dark vision (50-ft) for 3 hrs Plains ExHard Absurd
Amaled 60 sp Grass/Poultice 1 hr Mends Bone Plains ExHard Folly
Delvar 2 sp Leaf/Ingest instant Stun relief 1 rnd Fresh Water Light Light Medium Hard
Erisa 2 sp Bark/Poultice instant Doubles healing rate for nerve damage Forest Light Light Light Light
Frel 12 gp Stalk/Ingest 2 min Neutralizes non-CRR posions Plains Folly ExHard Folly
Halin 2 sp Berry/Brew 20 min Doubles healing during sleep Plains Easy Medium
Inuli 30 sp Nut/Brew 3 min Mends muscle damage Forest Hard Hard
Loneri 45 gp Nut/Ingest 3 hr Restore temp stat loss for one stat/dose (worst first) Forest Absurd Absurd
Rowna 14 gp Grass/Ingest instant Heals all hits, but stuns 1 rnd Plains Folly Absurd Absurd
Seras 9 sp Flower/Brew 3 rnd Heals 2-20 hits Fresh Water Light Hard
Uinear 15 sp Berry/Ingest 2 min Allows one to see enchantments. Eyes glow red. Last 1 hr Fresh Water Absurd Folly Absurd
Urfaran 9 sp Clove/Ingest 3 rnd Acute smell & hearing (3x range, +50 Perception) for 1 hr Plains Easy Medium


Poison Price Form/Prep Time Effect Loc Spring Summer Fall Winter
Edellin 14 gp Stalk/Contact instant Silver powder scars skin giving 2d10 hits; PB (+45) Plains Light Light Easy Easy
Molenor 20 sp Root/Paste instant Brown paste delivers 1d10 hits. PB (+50) Forest ExHard VHard VHard ExHard
Surenn 12 gp Leaf/Paste instant Creamy paste delivers 3d10 hits. PB (+30) Plains Light Medium

Finding Herbs

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