4711 AR

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Day Event Note
1st Explore I1 Slay Hodag


Day Event Note
30th Explore I1
28th-29th Explore I2
27th Travel from Rampart to Candlemere shore by boat
20th-26th Governance Fit armor for Doug
19th Arrive in Rampart
17th-18th Travel K3 to K5
15th-16th Explore K3
13th-14th Explore J4
10th-12th Explore K4 Slay large boar
8th-9th Explore K5 x
6th-7th Explore K6 x
4th-5th Explore K7 x
2nd-3rd Explore J8 x
1st Explore J7


Day Event Note
30th Explore J7
28th-29th Explore I7
26th-27th Explore I6
25th Travel to Gudrin River crossing
18th-24th Governance Build Inn & House in Rampart
17th Start cult hearings
16th Assault cult in barn
15th Investigate cult Discover coven barn
14th Investigate cult
13th Rampart Council Meeting
12th Boat to Rampart Reunite Tig with parents
11th Boat to Beldame
10th Drag boats to Tuskwater
9th Row to waterfall
8th Travel to Lizardfolk Stockade Rescue Tig
7th Travel to Lizardfolk Stockade
6th Find Munguk Hire Munguk
5th Track down Munguk
4th Boat back to shore Again sent away by Lizardfolk
3rd Boat to Candlemere Island Fight Will o’ Wisp
2nd Drag boats overland to Candlemere Lake
1st Boat to Tuskwater waterfall

Desnus (May)

Day Event Note
31st Buy boats in Rampart
30th Return to Rampart
29th Travel to H7
28th Explore H6 Slay Crackjaw
27th Travel to I5
26th Finish exploring J5 Meet Munguk
25th Travel to/explore half J5
24th Travel to I3 Lizardfolk decline diplomacy
23rd Travel to I4
22nd Ride to Beldame’s Hut Vision of Tig
21st Return to Rampart buy horses
20th Track White Wolf in G6 Slay Howl-of-the-North-Wind
19th Explore northern half H6
18th Explore H7
17th Explore H8
16th Travel to Lonely Barrow Defeat Undead Bandit
8th-15th Governance
7th Administer Wolfsbane Cure Kundal
6th Capture Kundal (Werewolf)
5th Hunting for a Killer Werewolf tracks
4th Hunting for a Killer
3rd Arrive at Rampart Murders in Rampart
2nd Travel G4
1st Forage

Gozran (April)

Day Event Note
30th Travel to H4
29th Travel to H3
28th Forage
27th Explore H2 Find elven tower
26th Travel to H3
25th Travel to G2 Receive feather tokens
24th Travel to H3
23rd Explore H4
22nd Explore H5
21st Resupply at Rampart
20th Return to Rampart
19th Explore G4 Meet Narthropple Expedition
18th Travel to/Explore G3
17th Explore half G3 Travel to Tatzlfjord
16th Explore G2 Return to Tiressia
15th Explore H3 Destroy scythe tree
14th Explore G2 Meet Tiressia the Dryad
13th Explore G1
12th Council meeting at pond
9th-11th Travel from Ingerton to Unicorn Pond
8th Council Meeting at Ingerton
1st-7th Claim hex, Build Mill at Rampart Flood averted at Rampart

Pharast (March)

Day Event Note
1st-31st Build Barracks at Rampart, Build Watchtower at Ingerton

Calistril (February)

Day Event Note
1st-28th Prepare Stag Fort for settlement Founding of Rampart

Abadius (January)

Day Event Note
1st-31st Claim hex, add farms & road

4711 AR

Ingerland Andaeson